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Acupuncture Actually Works for Neck Pain, Study Says

Acupuncture, the ancient practice of needle insertion, and the Alexander Technique, a program that teaches people how to avoid unnecessary muscle tension throughout the day and improve posture, coordination, balance and stress, are two complementary therapies often used to help treat neck pain. Treating it is often difficult, and it’s common for people to seek out alternative therapies. Read the full story

The Weird Way Acupuncture Helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Acupuncture, an ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine, has long been used to treat chronic pain, and studies have suggested that it relieves symptoms at least slightly better than a placebo. When coupled with electric stimulation, the technique can work similarly to a more conventional therapy for pain relief called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). MORE FROM TIME.COM But exactly how acupuncture works is still largely unknown. Because it’s often difficult to measure Read the full story




Patients who have received inoculations or other medical injections from a hypodermic needle are sometimes fearful that acupuncture nyrker-acupuncture-1-ltreatments will be as painful. But such is not the case. Medical hypodermic needles are stiff, hollow, and thick for forcing liquid into the patient’s flesh, usually uncomfortable, if not painful, procedure. Continue reading WHAT ARE NEEDLE TREATMENTS LIKE? ARE THEY PAINFUL?